How To Optimize Your WordPress for Search (SEO Tutorial)

SEO Strategy for WordPress

Optimizing your website for Google search can be quite the task. It’s a very time consuming effort to make sure that every page is updated to show search engines the correct meta information so that people search can easily read what’s on your page in the SERPs.

If you have a website built on WordPress, there’s a fantastic plugin that almost every digital agency uses to manage a WordPress site’s SEO efforts. The WordPress plugin is called Yoast (formerly Yoast SEO).

Using Yoast SEO

Installing the Yoast SEO plugin alone will not help optimize your WordPress site for Google & Bing search. Once you install and activate the plugin, it’s important that you flip through all of the General, Search Appearance, Social, and Tools sections in the Yoast SEO section in the left sidebar.

Lengthy Work & Meta Information

Once that is done, you have to flip through every post or page that you have created and decide whether or not you need to modify the meta information associated with that page. More than often, you will need to set a meta description for the page. Along side that, Yoast SEO offers suggestions on how to make your page’s readability level beter. It’s not necessarily always the best idea to follow their suggestion depending on the content of your site and search terms you want to rank for. Usually their formatting suggestions are good for news websites, and short blog posts that are roughly three hundred to five hundred words.

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