What Is SEO & Why Do You I Need It For My Business?

SEO In A Nutshell

So what is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an internet marketing strategy where the main practice is altering the online visibility and appearance of a website or specific web pages in a search engine’s results page. SEO activities are often made as an attempt to improve results for specific search queries.

Below is a very basic and beginner understanding to merely one aspect of SEO, but I think it will provide a decent understanding of why all businesses need SEO to have a functioning website that converts more customers.

What SEO Is and Does

Say you have an e-commerce website. For this example, we’ll say that your website that sells SEO services and the domain name for your business is “seo.com”. Assuming that your site is built on WordPress and you have set the site title to read “SEO” as that would be the name of your business, the default WooCommerce shop page would appear in a search engine with the title “Shop – SEO”. Even if your site is not built on WordPress, you would still have to set the name for the page otherwise a search engine assign it a name.

Why You Might Want SEO Work Done For Your Business

Anyway, this default title doesn’t really help someone looking for SEO services, because an SEO store isn’t a real thing. You can’t go to an online store and just buy SEO (and if you have, I think you may have been scammed or are engaging in some black-hat practices that might get your site blacklisted from Google), and that means the title for this web page is a lot less effective than say “Shop – Grocery Store” or “Shop – Clothing Store”. So if you run an SEO business and you want to sell someone your services, you might alter the name of the page to read “Free SEO Consultations”, as a potential client would be more likely to click on that page than one titled “Shop – SEO”.

Here is a more in-depth example. Say you run an online clothing store. Without any SEO initiatives, it would just show up in Google as “clothingstore.com”, and the text underneath that title would just begin to list all of the text on the page. With SEO, you can get that title to read “Clothing Store 50% Off BOGO Sale”, and then put your own description of the page underneath that might help a user click on it, and a search engine understand what is on that page.

How SEO Helps

SEO initiatives can also help you rank higher in different search engines like Google and increase click through. There are plenty of different techniques that you can try to increase your presence in search engines. If you own a business and would like a free SEO consultation, you can schedule one with us via this link.